You’re about to drop Long.Live.A$AP. That’s a big deal. What are you most excited about?
I’m most excited about finally unleashing this album that I’ve imprisoned for the past year. It’s begging to be free and rejoiced by the world. It’s some trill shit. It’s some real smoking weed, struggling, some real motherfuckers-is-coming-for-my-head, some real this-is-how-I-feel, this-is-how-you-feel shit.

Is there someone you’d really like to work with? I know who I want to work with.
If I tell you, you going to be like, “What the fuck is wrong with this nigga?” I really want to work with MGMT, man.

People are always focused on an artist’s first week sales. With so much riding on your debut are you concerned?
Fuck no. ’Cause if I start being concerned about that shit I’m going to fail. I can’t be concerned with that. Hopefully God will make it so. I’ll do good. What does first week sales mean when Robin Thicke, who ended up doing nothing first week, goes double-platinum? The music industry is nothing like how it used to be. Everything’s different now.


I had a lot of close friends stab me in the back for their own greedy desires. I never saw that coming.


What’s changed the most in the past year for you?
I had a lot of close friends stab me in the back for their own greedy desires. I never saw that coming. I never thought my real niggas would be on some fuck shit with me, and do wack shit. I’m a good nigga, and a lot of people fuck with me and then leave with these accusations trying to fuck up what I worked hard for. For example, the whole thing with SpaceGhostPurrp. I didn’t say anything. He’s putting his foot in his mouth. People are starting to see he’s a racist and crazy and bipolar. I look on the Internet and every time we put something out he gets his Raider Klan people to be like, “You’re biting,” and it’s like, “You’re just mad I’m bigger than you.” His life revolves around hating on me, and this is a guy who used to live in my house. My mom took care of him. Before I had a record deal we were sharing dinner plates and shit.

Do you think there’s any possibility for reconciliation?
It happened. It’s like it was meant to happen. It is what it is. When the heat came down, he was the only scared one. He was going to have to serve three days in jail like everybody else. Long story short, Purrp went down South, started talking shit about niggas. It was a cowardly move.

Do you find yourself having to deal with the politics of the industry more these days?
Nah, of course not. That’s friends, not industry stuff. We had Dominic Lord. He’d come join us when shit got dope, and because him and Bari were so cool, I just let it rock. I brought him in as a little brother, and then he didn’t want to wait. A$AP Mob, they’re waiting their turn. He left and started telling these labels that he’s the creative motherfucker behind A$AP and all this other shit. Shouts to him. It’s whatever. I’m just saying, there’s no more room for outsiders. We learned that lesson with Spacemonkey and Dom.

It seems that you’re committed to building the success of the A$AP Mob. Do you think you’ll ever be ready to be a label head?
I hope so, ’cause I would fuck the industry up. I would open the door for all the trill motherfuckers that need that shot. West Coast niggas, southern niggas, New York niggas, midwest niggas, fucking European London niggas that I met, fucking French people. Not just on some A$AP Rocky-sounding shit—I’m talking about people who deserve a shot. And motherfuckers don’t want to give it to them ’cause it’s underground shit.

Your success has opened up doors for your whole crew. Are they cognizant of that fact?
They know that and we all want the same shit. I worked hard. Ferg is up next. That’s a wake-up call for a lot of other niggas in A$AP. Everybody has their turn. And it’s not based off of talent—none of that. It’s just based off of God, whoever He wants to be next. You seen what happened last night with “Work.” C’mon dude, you really thought that was fucking “Peso.”

That song got a huge reception at the shows. How does it feel to see people responding to an artist you broke?
I’m ready to cry every time I see it, ’cause it’s like, “Damn, look what I did.” He’s shining. That shit is crazy, ’cause I want that for all of them niggas. It’s everybody’s turn.

The Odd Future comparisons have gone away.
Thank God. It was just because we were a group. They were out first. I came out with a group. We’re all into the same shit. They wear Supreme, we like Supreme. It was silly shit. We’re nothing alike, when you think about it. 

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