According to a survey on the infamous affair seekers site, men who creep on their significant others have a special liking for the high speed racer Need For Speed Most Wanted. “The car racing and action games get you thinking strategically, get your blood pumping, get your senses heightened, and force you to think ahead of the curve," says founder and CEO Noel Biderman. "These are all feelings and actions associated with having an affair. Or maybe many of these men are practicing for a potential quick get-away from an angry spouse.”

In addition to Need For Speed Most Wanted, the survey also listed Call of Duty: Black Ops II, FIFA 13 and Forza Motorsport Horizon as the prefered games of guys with wandering eyes. As far as consoles, cheaters are all about the Xbox 360. Check out the full survey results over at If you get caught by your boo, don't let them know we told you about it.