Months ago, the House of Representatives voted to extend The FISA Amendments Act. The Act recently hit the Senate floor and members agreed to prolong the act five more years.

A Senate majority decided to extend the warrantless wiretapping program until 2017, with a final vote of 73 in favor and 23 against. Back in September, 301 representatives from the House voted in favor of the Act and 118 against. Now with the House and Senate in agreement, all that remains is for President Obama to sign off on the act, which expires December 31. 

Earlier this year, the President expressed that his administration "strongly" supported the bill because of its ability to "ensure the continued availability of this critical intelligence capability."

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and ACLU, however, are fighting for the US Supreme Court to review the Act and determine if it is unconstitutional. 

[via The Verge]