D.C.'s Old Ebbitt Grill realizes its customer's need to have news almost instantly, so they're making it a little easier—by printing it on patron's tabs. The restaurant, located at 675 15th Street NW, has entered a partnership with Print Signal Corp. to provide a receipt-sized page of current headlines courtesy of the Associated Press for customers to read as they pay their bills.

Print Signal Corp. says "If successful, this will create a new channel to disseminate news and advertising to millions of readers on an existing platform never used for this purpose. The printed updates have several advantages in this venue over the smartphone, providing access to the news without people becoming absorbed in their devices at the same time contributing to table conversation and interaction."

In a press release, Old Ebbitt's managing director David Moran explained the restaurant's motivation: "We’ve got thousands of news-hungry Washingtonians coming to lunch, so we’re giving The Latest News a shot." "If this works at the Old Ebbitt, it just might sweep across the world."

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[via DCist]