Andrea Veras, of Queens, just wanted to have some fun on her birthday. Her first mistake: She went to Times Square. Her second mistake: She went to the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, aka Ratville.

While at the club in September 2011, Veras was attacked by a rat. She felt a pain in her foot, and when she flicked on her cell phone to survey the scene unfolding on the ground, she saw blood and a "giant rat." In what surely isn't a coincidence, 2 weeks after the giant rat attack, the club received 12 sanitation violations. Among them: That the establishment wasn't vermin proof. Exhibit A: Veras's foot.

She's just now suing the city, which is why this is news, as opposed to just something that lots of people with shitty apartments deal with all the time.

Is your kitchen a war zone where you do daily battle with vermin?

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UPDATE [Jan. 17, 12;47 p.m.]:  The Director of Press for B.B. King Blues Club & Grill has passed along the following statement to Complex:

B.B. King’s has learned of Andrea Veras’ lawsuit.  While the lawsuit is meritless and contains misrepresentations, omissions and inaccurate information, we take all lawsuits seriously and intend to vigorously defend B.B King’s.  We look forward to presenting the facts to the Court.  B.B. King’s has full confidence in our legal system and that we will prevail. It speaks volumes that Ms. Veras’ attorney went to B.B. King’s public relations firm requesting it to contact B.B. King’s regarding this matter or else he would go to the New York Post with the story.  Needless to say, we do not bend to such conduct.

[via New York Post]