Who doesn't want to make a living doing what they love to do? Nightlife photographer Kirill created an unfuckwithable brand and following through Kirillwashere.com after meeting DJs in comedy clubs. Whether frequenting nightclubs in NYC, launching Champagne Facials.com, touring with A-trak, or being flown to France to shoot for Hennessy, it's obvious that Kirill is and has always been a true hustler. Would you expect anything less from our #1 Nightlife Photographer?


I found myself drawn to DJs in the same way that I was drawn to comedians.


How did all of this start?
I was raised in New Jersey and born in Moscow, Russia. I've been drawn to standup comedy my whole life — not doing it, but just to the comedians themselves. I admired their craft. As soon as I got out of high school and went to college, I started going to comedy shows in NYC.

Once I got a first taste of live NYC standup shows, I was hooked. I knew I had to get into the scene somehow. I was going to college for graphic design, animation, and film, so I made friends with a kid throwing comedy shows. His name is Patrick, and he runs a site called Cringe Humor, which is basically a site showcasing and supporting the dirtier comedians.

I started filming shows for Cringe Humor and worked my way into the NYC standup scene.

At age 19 I was hanging at the best comedy clubs with the funniest people. It was in that scene that I tuned my own sense of humor that you see today on Kirillwashere. I saw that it was ok to say anything.

Once I got into the comedy scene, I realized I didn't need college. I was doing graphic design for a lot of the comedians in NYC, from Bill Burr to Dane Cook to Patrice Oneal. That really explains the sense of humor within KWH.

In terms of how I got into shooting, one night while working at Carolines, we had a private event with a DJ. The DJ and I struck up a conversation, and we instantly become friends. His name is Nick, DJ NVM, and he is still my best friend to this day. At the time we met, I had a shitty camera that I was just using to take random photos at comedy clubs.

As Nick started taking me out to clubs, I found my place in the DJ booth. I would get drunk, party, and hang with girls, but mostly I would snap pictures of Nick and other DJs for their MySpace pages.

I found myself drawn to DJs in the same way that I was drawn to comedians. This was when DJs played open format, made mash-ups, and scratched, unlike this house music garbage that's hot right now.

So one night three years ago, I got shitfaced and decided to leave the safe zone of the DJ booth and went to explore the dance floor. When I got home, I was impressed by the photos I took, and Nick asked me "So what are you gonna do with these?" I didn't have an answer. He told me I should put them online.

So the next day, we sat down along with my friend who does web development and built Kirillwashere.com.

I always had an eye for graphic design and marketing, so I knew if I was going to build this site correctly, I would have to focus on a strong brand presence in clubs, hence the bold logo, the cards, the stickers, the watermark on all the photos, etc.


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